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Back to the Basics Starter Kit

Back to the Basics Starter Kit

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Umm…apparently, it’s not normal to have a 2 Step Skincare Routine for day and night.

We’ve been shocking our customers left and right once they find out our African Black Soap and Selfie Glow Serum is all they need to achieve clean moisturized skin.

Maybe, we’re redefining what it means to be normal. Join us! 

African Black Soap: For regular use it is best to lather the soap bar and spread onto the skin. You can also use the bar directly on the skin to exfoliate.

Selfie Glow: Made to penetrate the skin and not just sit on top of the skin. This oil contains a Natural SPF because of the oils that have been used such as Sweet Almonds, Avocado Oil and Ge'lor House Secret Flower Extract Oil! This product is guaranteed to enhance your natural glow! 

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