About Us

Gəˈlôr  House, LLC is a natural skin care and beauty company. Based on the need to take the complexity out of skin care and create a more minimalist approach. Each product is formulated in house with careful research as to how each ingredient affects the product and skin type it is formulated for.

All products are made for a specific reason and every ingredient has a benefit and therapeutic reason. No fillers of any sort, each product has active ingredients beneficial to your specific skin type without adding complexity.

 Our products are made with natural oils, herbs, clays, minerals and extracts.We believe in using these ingredients to return skin to its health and rejuvenate it without difficult rituals and complicated products. Minimalism is the way to effective skin care that heals from the source and produces results that can be seen and felt. You should look forward to the products you use on your skin and feel indulged, relaxed and rejuvenated and equate your daily shower and moisturizing with this feeling not just on occasion but everyday.

We make these products with life in mind and believe in minimizing the work so you can enjoy treating your skin and self.

Thoughtfully made with you in mind